Brenden Randall

Originally from Fulton, NY

Q: You have a beautiful sunny day on the lake. How would you spend it, and which Carefree Boat Club boat would you choose to take out?

On a beautiful sunny day, if I was by myself I would take the Crownline 215 SS And simply go for a run as far as I could up river trying to get to places on the lake I had not been to in a while. If my Wife was with me, would would take the Grey Manitou and find a nice place to anchor so we could relax and swim, followed up by a trip to the Dockside Restaurant for dinner.

Q: What would you do if you won the lottery?

If I won the Lottery I would probably buy a small Yacht and sail around the BVIs

Q: Why do you choose to call the Carefree Boat Club home?

I call Carefree home because I truly enjoy the Club experience from the staff side. From the interactions with the membership to the fun of working on and maintains our ever changing fleet, there is always something interesting happening.


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